Hollywood’s extreme remake-overs

Forget Title VI. If civil rights crusaders were truly interested in making progress, they’d have done things the Hollywood way. Consider today’s Daily Variety.

Blacks are the new Jews: Ice Cube is playing Gabe Kotter in Dimension’s new “Welcome Back Kotter.” Yes, that Gabe Kotter. This truly gives new meaning to the words “Jew ‘fro.”

Puerto Ricans are the new WASPs: Jennifer Lopez is Sue Ellen Ewing in Regency’s “Dallas.”

Jews are the new Asians: Sarah Jessica Parker will soon be starring in an all-Jewish remake of “Empire of the Sun,” entitled, “Again with the Invasions!” (Kidding; but for a second, you were right there with us, right?)

If this keeps up, we look forward to the birth of a new movie genre: The Affirmative Action/Adventure.