CNN Revisits Seinfeld-Worthy Walk of Fame Moment

It seems appropriate for Ana Martinez to recall a most embarrassing moment in her storied Hollywood Walk of Fame star-wrangling career via an article on It was after all a CNN TV producer who alerted the curator-in-chief, just hours before a May 4 2010 ceremony, that the name of recipient Julia Louis-Dreyfus was misspelled and missing the hyphen. (A hastily created masking tape correction was affixed to the star.)

So how does Martinez look back on the incident today?

“I was really upset. I pride myself on everything going perfect,” said Martinez. She now has the star installers text a picture of the lettering before they cement it into the star, she said.

Even though it was one of the roughest days of her career, Martinez focuses on the positive: “It turned out to be the best thing ever. We had so much publicity we might do it again,” she joked.

Alan Duke’s piece concludes with the tidbit that Martinez will consider her career complete once she snags Clint Eastwood for the Walk. She has a space reserved in front of Grauman’s for the actor, who was coveted but never landed by the late Johnny Grant.

[Photo: Joe Seer/]