Vice Gets the ‘Hollyweed’ Scoop

The culprits are formerly married, with four kids.

Nice work by Justin Caffier. The L.A.-based Vice contributor landed the pair of artists responsible for this weekend’s alteration of the famous Hollywood sign to read “Hollyweed.”

The pair’s exploits trended quickly on New Year’s Day. Zach Fernandez and Sarah Fern, formerly husband and wife, say they understand if the LAPD will need to stand firm with some sort of reprimand. Fernandez also details his commitment to the medical and legalized marijuana causes:

“I’m very proactive about marijuana. The first time I smoked, I was like 12, and my sister and her boyfriend brought out a bong and got me super high. Then we had our own medical-marijuana-delivery service in San Luis Obispo for two years, but we got out of the business. Still, the medical results are clear for people with MS, cancer… It’s just interesting to see where the conversation has gone to at this point.”

Fernandez and Fern have four children together, with dad telling Caffier he just wants to be an “example” for his kids. Those kids will likely have some interesting conversations at school about their parents in the coming days.

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