Janice Min Heralds 12.327 Million Monthly Uniques, Eight Promotions and Six New Hires

The memo today from editorial director Janice Min starts with the news that August was The Hollywood Reporter‘s biggest Web traffic month yet. A total of 12.327 million unique visitors came to the site per comScore, putting the publication fourth in its category behind IMDb, EW and TV Guide.

From there, it’s on to the news of THR‘s latest wave of promotions and hires:

Kimberly Nordyke has been promoted to Deputy Editor, THR.com. In her new role beginning today, Kimberly will oversee our news operation in the morning hours, working with our New York and foreign reporters, as well as doing longer-term planning for the site and and the digital rollout of major print projects and packages. Kimberly, who most recently was senior editor, has been with The Hollywood Reporter since 2000. She joined the staff of the magazine as a copy editor before segueing into the position of TV reporter. She writes a mean headline without ever losing her cool, knows the industry inside-out, and I am thrilled she is bringing her 360-degree expertise to daytime.

Jennifer Laski has been promoted to Photo & Video Director. Since THR‘s re-launch Jennifer has overseen all of the photography and has developed and nurtured with Creative Director Shanti Marlar the sophisticated aesthetic for which we are now known and celebrated. Often a one-woman cheerleading squad, Jennifer also has been key in ushering in video into every aspect of The Hollywood Reporter‘s coverage of entertainment, from film festivals to covers to web series. Last year while producing more than 400 photo shoots, Jennifer also managed to create almost 200 original videos for thr.com, increasing both engagement and time-spent on our website. And she likely is the only person on staff to whom Aaron Paul has sung Happy Birthday.

Peter Cury has been promoted to Design Director. Peter has been a driving force for the design of the magazine since the re-launch. His excellent taste and expertise keep Shanti and the entire Hollywood Reporter staff in awe. He has proven himself again and again under tight deadlines. And with a cool head and the skills of a true story editor, he processes and visually expresses often complex material and numbers like no one else. (Fun fact: this is the second launch I’ve done with Peter; we worked on In Style Weddings together in 1999.)

Andy Lewis has been promoted to Books Editor. As is clear from our cover excerpting a controversial new book on Hollywood’s unseemly relationship with Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s, Andy has a keen eye for the book excerpts that work for THR and that add another layer of depth to the magazine. He brought Lawrence Wright and his powerful work on Scientology to THR and worked closely with Wright to shape a riveting account of the organization’s involvement with Hollywood and celebrities. In addition to overseeing excerpts and coverage of book news, Andy will continue to display his multi-faceted interests in sports and pop culture.

Seth Abramovitch has been promoted to Senior Writer. Since joining THR in April 2012, Seth has written on a variety of topics, from Lana Wachowski breaking her silence about her gender change to the Blackwing cult pencil that is the favorite of many Hollywood writers (a story that spawned a certain studio chief to write him a personal fan letter). In addition to continuing to write in print and online, Seth will take over programming our new Inside Indie channel and our THR Movies channel, working with Gregg Kilday and our movies team, as well as new contributors to enhance and expand our coverage of film for a broader consumer audience.