TMZ, Radar Steer Clear of New Group Hollywood Leaks

Launched August 19 via Twitter, the self-proclaimed Anonymous hacker group offshoot Hollywood Leaks has so far busted into Julianne Hough’s cell phone, the email account of a cast member of the upcoming Tom Cruise movie Rock of Ages and, most notably over the weekend, the cell phone of rapper Kreayshawn.

Considering that this gang is in the business of sharing the same kind of illicit celebrity materials as TMZ and Radar Online, without occasionally having to negotiate a purchase price or pay a licensing fee, it would be interesting to read a tweet from Harvey Levin about Hollywood Leaks or get some kind of POV from the National Enquirer adjacent Radar reporters. But so far, no such luck.

An August 29 TMZ item about the Kreayshawn hack makes no mention of Hollywood Leaks, while a search for the term on Radar Online this morning returns zero search results.

And what about Perez Hilton? Glad you asked. He takes a more playful attitude but again, no mention of of the group per se. Hollywood Leaks may have to actually hack into the phones of Levin, Hilton and co. to get the attention of their media brethren. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about Hollywood Leaks, a good place to start is this piece from Austin-based Internet outlet The Daily Dot, which IRC chatted earlier in the week with several members of the group.