Hollywood Icons Trigger and Bullet Now Trade Show Centerpieces

They were two of Hollywood’s most enduring icons.

Trigger, the thoroughbred horse that served as Roy Rogers partner on the trail for all 88 of his movies, and all 100 episodes of Rogers’ TV show. Bullet the Wonder Dog, Rogers’ faithful canine companion, who accompanied the cowboy and Trigger on Rogers’ TV program.

Both died many years ago, but have been reunited… on the floor of the NATPE trade show:

Yes, this is actually the real Trigger, and the real Bullet

Both now sit on the trade show floor, where gawkers gawk and curious reporters snap photos. After dying, they were taxidermied, and eventually sold to cable channel RFD-TV.

RFD has been taking the pair on a cross-country tour (“The Trigger and Bullet Happy Trails Tour“), stopping in towns across America to show them off.

While a visit to a local rodeo makes some sense, RFD also has a number of trade shows on the tour, including NATPE and the Cattle Industry Convention.