Hollywood for Collectors

For those of you who missed the Hollywood Collectors Show, show biz insider Leah Lipshultz recaps the event:

“…Jeff Conaway was doing his best Spicoli imitation (“I’m so waaaaaaasted”) and could barely sign his name. Must be prepping for his reality-show-Danny Bonaducci-syle intervention. No, really. As in his own TV show. But an intervention. Unlike the manly, studly, kindly, energetic, crazily sexy Bruce Boxleitner. WWOOOOOFFF!! Now, I get it. Why his fan base is, well, so fanatic! Gary Coleman miffed when his co-star Todd Bridges showed up and was swamped with autograph offers. Bridges wasn’t scheduled to appear. Just decided to spend a Sunday strolling and trolling the Hollywood Collectors Show. Kinda makes ya go, hmmmmmm. The rest of the Tron cast reunion (mostly obscurities, except Boxleitner and Conaway) smiled and nodded and acted as if Conaway were simply being himself. Well, I guess. Butch Patrick, all curly red hair (what???) with Lisa Loring, (Wednesday, Addams Family) anchoring the horror/comedy combo tag team.

The lineup of Playboy bunnies from the 40′, 50’s and 60’s were all charming and sporting vintage flair. The Playboy bunnies from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were not. Sporting vintage flair, I mean. Or charming, even. Stella Stevens and Carol Lynley have racked up the years, but their racks didn’t show it. Still perky, fit and coiffed for a fare-thee-well. Their hairdos were, too. Charlene Tilton has lost a ton of weight and hasn’t had plastic surgery. Giggly, cute and adorable in Candie’s kitten heels with her daughter. Dare I say Lolita? A simply unbelievably gorgeous blonde Venus. Much prettier than her mother at her most Dallasness. As a matter of fact, she’s the perfect Lucy for the remake. If she leaves her boyfriend at home. He looked like he should be hanging upside down in a cave.

Tons of vendors with movie posters, one sheets, record albums, trading cards, old copies of Photoplay, Celluloid Kittens and Detective magazines. A Bettie Page corner. Alice Krige completely out of place; pale, English, scared. Thank God she had an assistant. Nothing worse than a serious actress sitting alone with not a fan to be found at an autograph fair and no one asking for her autograph. And she was a Trek castmember! Lumpy and Eddie from Leave it to Beaver. Alan Young and his TV wife, youthful as ever; but no Mr. Ed. Mr. Ed dead. Kevin McCarthy (all of 90) from Invasion of the Body Snatchers and every sci-fi detective TV show (and Twilight Zone!) and character parts to die, having a lock of hair snipped from his silvery mane by a E-baying fan.

Finally, icky Mickey Rooney, So icky, Mickey, to everyone. Debbie Reynolds more than compensates, with snatches of songs, winks of her beautifully lashed baby-blues, smiling and shaking hands and wiping tears of overcome fans, who finally have her name on their poster, or coaster, or photo or playbill. Still youthful, sparkling, confirming their memories of all those cherished moments in the dark. And that’s what Hollywood’s all about. “

Guaranteed verbatum.

–as told to Kate Coe–