Hollywood Film Sees Big Results From New Tablet Ads

'Olympus Has Fallen' tests OnSwipe's mobile units

Digital publishing platform Onswipe today is announcing a pair of ad products called The Glossy and Promoted Content, which are aimed to improve the effectiveness of tablet-based promos. The Glossy is designed to look and feel like full-page magazine ads while providing a video option, and Promoted Content is meant to combine traditional advertorial plays with the currently hot native ads concept.

FilmDistrict, the movie's distributor, recently tested The Glossy to push the action flick, Olympus Has Fallen, on men's lifestyle and business news tablet apps like the Art of Manliness, Vibe and Kiplinger. Thirty percent of the viewers interacted with the ad unit, and 79 percent stated they recalled seeing the ad, per OnSwipe. The New York-based company said it partnered with comScore to produce the ad stats.

FilmDistrict also trialed the Promoted Content ads, although data wasn't made available. "We worked with the studio's agency, Horizon Media, and the client to come up with five pieces of content," explained Jason Baptiste, OnSwipe CEO. The movie's Promoted Content ads then ran alongside articles that were created specifically for the effort—such as "Top 3 Badass (Fictional) Presidents of All Time"—which appeared via Onswipe's web-based network. The company has contracted a pool of freelance writers who write the pieces for the branded content.

"Brands can natively splice their content into dozens or hundreds of sites within an hour," Baptiste said. "You don't have to do it one by one."

Horizon Media chief digital officer Donald Williams, added, "The tablet is an extremely important medium to engage consumers, and we are excited about the results that we achieved in working with Onswipe."