10 Fun Holiday Videos To Watch With The Fam On Christmas Morning

We've put together this festive list of holiday videos to watch on Christmas morning. They're sure to put you in a jolly mood, even if the only thing you got for Christmas was a lump of coal in your stocking.

Can you think of anything better to do with your family on Christmas morning, after opening all your presents, than sitting in front of the computer and watching holiday YouTube videos? Yeah, neither can I. That’s why I’ve put together this festive list of holiday videos that you can watch with your friends and loved ones on Christmas morning. They’re sure to put you in a jolly mood, even if the only thing you got for Christmas was a lump of coal in your stocking.


What did you get for Christmas? I hope it wasn’t books! Books for Christmas? What the heck is that?! This kid would probably have been much happier if he’d gotten a Nintendo 64.

Animals of YouTube sing “Jingle Bells”

There’s nothing that can put a smile on your face and put you in a holiday spirit like animals singing Christmas carols. Check out this funny video of the animals of YouTube singing “Jingle Bells”.

The Christmas Can-Can

The Christmas Can-Can is a video that can be shared with your entire family, from generation to generation. Literally. My grandpa emailed the link to my mom, who emailed it to me, and now I’m sharing it with you!

FAMILY GUY – “All I Really Want For Christmas”

While this clip may not be appropriate for some of the younger members of your family, Family Guy is always good for a laugh. What did you want for Christmas this year? Did you get it?

Viral Chinese time travel commercial

Be careful what you wish for this Christmas, you just might get it. In this funny Chinese viral video a guy wishes to go back in time again and again and again, despite trying to send his future self messages telling him not to make that fateful wish because they haven’t got toilet paper or 7-up in the past.

The Digital Story Of The Nativity

There’s no better way to spend Christmas morning than by reliving the story of the Nativity through Google, Wikipedia, Foursquare, and Amazon. ‘The Digital Story Of The Nativity’ has over 3 million views so far. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out with your family below!

A Social Network Christmas

If you liked the Digital Story of the Nativity then you should check out ‘A Social Network Christmas’, which also tells the story of Christmas via Facebook.

WikiLeaks Reveals Santa’s Naughty List

This video had me cracking up. A group of kids on the playground discover that WikiLeaks published Santa’s Naughty List. Now that all the adults know about the naughty things the kids did this year they have to come up with an escape plan.

Christmas Time In Portland

Santa Claus is the quintessential Christmas mascot and one of my favorite parts of the holiday is seeing all the different ways that people dress up as Santa to show their Christmas spirit. One of my favorites is this bagpipe-playing, kilt-wearing Santa Claus in Portland. Check out more Santas in our list of 10 of the most bizarre Santa videos you’ve ever seen.

Amazing Christmas Lights!!!

Did you decorate your house for Christmas? What do you and your family think of this amazing Christmas lights display? Check out more awesome lights in our post of 10 amazing Christmas lights displays.

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