Holiday Inn Gets the Interbrand InterTouch


Kind of an interesting bit of news floating around about Interbrand‘s recent rebranding job for Holiday Inn. As part of a larger, billion dollar push to revive the business, they’ve given the hotel chain a new logo and all sorts of new signage to accompany it, altering the typeface a bit so it isn’t doesn’t frighten conservative vacationers who dislike when letters are seen touching and axing the starburst thingie long associated with the chain, replacing it with a big, action-packed, on-the-go “H.” So that’s kinda interesting. But what we were thinking more about was our learning that InterContinental Hotels Group, Holiday Inn’s parent company, hired a design firm called Interbrand to do this. We don’t like to throw around knee jerk stupid theories out there, but what do you think went on in that board room when they were selecting a firm to do this job? “I really like Interbrand — they really get our InterCulture here at InterContinental, don’t you think, InterDave? And you InterIntern, what do you think?” (Let us take this moment, after you’ve read that last sentence, to once again thank you for your continued patronage of UnBeige: home of the idiotic, barely-humorous, lamely-comedic, dreamt-up, board room scenarios.)