Holiday Gift Guide: Archinect T-Shirts Both New and Old


If you’re a regular reader of UnBeige, or even just the occasional drop-in, you’ll know that we love us to death some Archinect. So when we read today that they’ve just released a batch of new t-shirts, we thought we’d try to pay them back a little bit for all their years of providing such quality writing, links, and conversation, by giving them the Official UnBeige Seal of Approval for Quality Holiday Gifts That You Should Buy Lots Of (“O.U.S.A.Q.H.G.T.Y.S.B.L.O” for short). And hey, we give and we give here on this blog, so if you want to pay us back, ahem, well…you know (this writer is a Large). Here’s the info on their shirt supplies:

We’re happy to announce that we’ve re-stocked all of our t-shirts, including the popular CAD Hatch Pattern designs, Architecture Sucks, and Assembly Robots. We’re also excited to unveil our latest line of shirts “The Love Movements”. What’s your favorite? Minimalism? Metabolism? Brutalism? PoMo? We now have 24 different designs to choose from! (HINT: they make perfect Christmas gifts 😉