Holiday Cruise Line: How Vacations Can Make You Smarter

Vacation companies like Holiday Cruise Line often see the immense benefits cruises can have for travelers’ well being. Getting away from the stresses of daily life is an important component to balanced living. Most people who travel regularly tout the trips as therapeutic in many ways. They allow people to relax, enjoy themselves, and worry less about their daily lives. And when they return home, they feel refreshed, energetic and ready to get back to their lives, careers, and more.

Beyond anecdotes, however, research has continued to show the immense benefits of vacation travel in a variety of ways. One of the most compelling ways is through improved academic performance in your children. Did you know that regular travel can help boost your child’s performance in school? New research reveals that this is actually true – and a great reason to get out there and take a vacation.

According to a report from blogger Abbi Perets, new research has found a direct link between boosted academics for children and regular vacationing and travel.

The research, led by Associate Professor Dr. William Norman of Clemson University in South Carolina, shows that travel remains a crucial component to a child’s cognitive development. In fact, getting out there and seeing the world directly affects a child’s own sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them. This type of curiosity inspires children to learn more – and ultimately perform better in school.

As Dr. Norman recently discussed about the study, traveling on vacations or other trips “contributes to cognitive growth and stimulates a child’s sense of wonderment… Providing kids with the experience of travel broadens their horizons and opens up their minds to learning.”

The study looked at over 21,000 school-aged children between kindergarten and fifth grade. The research looked at students’ academic performance throughout the school year as well as their activities outside of school, particularly during summer vacation.

As Abbi Perets mentioned in her post, “Specifically, the study explored whether going on a vacation, the number of days spent on a vacation and places visited were linked to academic achievement in the areas of reading, mathematics and general knowledge.”

And once the data was assessed, a surprisingly clear connection was found. “The results surprised many,” Perets continued. “Researchers could clearly identify a significant link between academic achievement and taking a family vacation.”

Getting On Board the Cruise Ship for Vacation Simplicity

The research shows that kids who take a break during the summer and relax can find obvious benefits to their well-being and intellectual performance. Why wouldn’t the same premise apply to adults going on vacation?

According to a representative from travel company Holiday Cruise Line, there are obvious benefits to getting away from it all and traveling. The company’s staff sees the benefits every day with their clients.

“If you do a quick search for information about how vacations can impact an individual’s
happiness, there’s a lot of information out there,” the representative noted. “Your mental health is imperative, and using a vacation – especially a cruise – to relax, wind down, and recharge your internal batteries is a great way to stay healthy.”

Accordingly, many people opt for an all-inclusive cruise to truly get away and enjoy some true relaxation. Those who opt for this travel often find immense enjoyment from the overall experience.

“Our travelers reduce stress almost immediately,” the rep added. “As soon as you get on a cruise, you feel the water beneath you gently rocking your entire ship. There’s no doubt that you’ll start feeling more relaxed and centered. You and your entire family will have an opportunity to come together, leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind you, and make an immediate change in your attitude for the better.”