Holiday Buying, Angry Birds Plush Toys, Need I Say More?

Trying to decide what gift to give to a game playing friend or, perhaps, yourself? Here’s four words to help you with this problem:

Angry Birds Plush Toys

That’s right. The most popular iPhone and Android game of 2010 now has a line of plush toys available. Each Four are in the form of those hateful green pigs (I learned to really dislike those chortling, snorting, sneering green pigs!). Five are of the birds. I’m kind of disappointed that the boomerang toucan looking bird is not among the five. Each plush toy is 8 inches (tall, I assume) and priced at $14.99. Payments can be made using a credit card or PayPal.

I’m leaning towards the big Red Bird. You know the one that can destroy nearly anything unlucky to be in its path. It might be a useful tool during meetings with an impasse.

A quick check on indicates there might be a line of 4-inch Angry Birds mini plush toys that will be available soon.