HOK Sport Finally Changes Its Name, Choose ‘Populous’

Remember HOK Sport (actually titled “HOK Sport Venue Event” but we’ve never heard anyone actually call it that), the architecture group responsible for seemingly every stadium built in the last decade, including working with Pentagram and Peter Eisenman on the Cardinals‘ new home? You might have caught the news last year that they bought themselves away from their parent company, HOK Group, but up until recently, had just kept their same name. Now they’ve finally figured out what to start calling themselves and have thus been christened with the name Populous (apparently not concerned that they’ll be confused with the early-90s video game of the same name). Here’s a bit from the Kansas City Star:

“Populous allows us to enthusiastically embrace the expertise we uniquely claim — drawing people together,” said Joe Spear, a senior partner. Its projects include new ballparks for the Yankees, Mets and Twins, and the Truman Sports Complex upgrade.

See? Didn’t we tell you that they build everything? Anyway, lots more video and writing about the change on their site, if you’d like to read up on them.