Hockey Fans: Are You Ready To Crowd Riff During Game 5 Saturday Night?

If you’re a hockey fan and plan to watch Game 5 between the LA Kings and NJ Devils on Saturday night, you won’t want to miss this.

This is your chance to bring trash talk to a whole new level. It’s your opportunity to get inside info on the game before even the announcers do. It’s your shot at marketing success (if you’re a sports marketer)! And (and we’re not exaggerating here) if you’re a true hockey fan, to use the sage words of Marty McFly, “it’s your density.”

So check out this post and get ready to Crowd Riff.

We told you before about how Crowd Riff makes watching sports both interactive and informative – and we know you’ve been dying to try it out for yourself ever since. Well, take a deep breath hockey fans, because here it is!

What is this Crowd Riff of which we speak?

It’s a new way to experience live events. You know how you like to send out tweets during the game and reply to other people’s tweets? Crowd Riff does this in a more organized, easy to read way.

And maybe you follow teams’ accounts or hashtag chats about the game? Well, Crowd Riff’s interface makes your #hashtag chat look like Atari.

So yeah, you can continue to interact online the way you always have, but that’s SO 2000 and late (yes, we’re quoting the Black Eyed Peas now). Seriously though, does your hashtag chat give you THIS?

Boom Boom Pow.

Here’s a summary of what you can expect to see:

Team Pulse. A graph that monitors the pulse of conversation across Twitter and updates every minute, with a separate volume for each team. It visually depicts the emotion and excitement shared by fans, just like if you were there cheering in the arena.

Smart Stream. Only the best hockey tweets are shared in real-time. There could be 5,000+ tweets/min (far more than any human could consume) but Crowd Riff delivers the most relevant and interesting content at an easily digestible pace. And the detail it includes? Oh my. Tweets are tagged using multiple criteria and every fan gets a score. You’ll see tweets from users in the arena sending photos and commentary during the game. Check it out:

Live Photo Gallery. A live gallery of all the photos shared by fans on Twitter. Hint: Keep an eye on the photo gallery during the pregame (one hour before puck drop), because many fans take photos of players as they’re warming up.

Top Fan Leaderboard. The top 10 fans based on their score for the current game.

Fan Profiles. Every hockey fan tweeting about the Stanley Cup playoffs (including you!) will have a Crowd Riff profile. The key stats in the profile are based on all tweets sent throughout the playoffs (not just the current game).

Why care about your profile? Well, we’re not making any promises, but smart sports marketers should be looking for influential sports influencers, shouldn’t they? And smart fans will have high scores.

The social pregame launches at 7pm ET on Saturday and the live video will appear when Game 5 begins at 8pm ET. Check it out and let us know what you think!

(Hockey fight image from Shutterstock)