Upper East Side Hoarder Combs Through Major Media Heirlooms

The names of powerhouse 1950s media couple “Tex and Jink” are being dragged through the mud these days. Or, more accurately, through piles of junk accumulated by their hoarder son Kevin.

The 65-year-old unemployed McCrary, who lives off royalties from the estate of his journalist parents, has until Friday to clear out his Upper East Side one-bedroom of accumulated detritus. Otherwise, he will be locked out. From a recent report by New York Times reporter Corey Kilgannon:

So far, McCrary has been able to excavate a small patch of space near the doorway and, in the process, had uncovered relics from his privileged childhood as the younger son of Tex McCrary and Jinx Falkenburg, the glamorous radio and television personalities who were pioneers of the radio and television talk show…

A TV crew recorded his birth, he said, and as an infant he posed with his mother for the cover of Look magazine. He pulled out from the mess a copy of the issue, followed by autographed pictures and letters to his father from the likes of Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan.

McCrary’s collecting intensified after 9/11 and has forced him at various points since to enter via the fire escape and sleep out on the street, so filled is his rent-controlled apartment. He’s also got a van full or more accumulated stuff. Here’s hoping he is able to overcome his hoarding in time to avoid eviction.

Per the NYT article, the owners of the building have been extremely accommodating in trying to help McCrary. Especially considering the toll this has taken on neighbors:

Three tenants have recently moved out because of the odor from Mr. McCrary’s apartment, which, [building agent] Mr. [Jeffrey] Weber said, “in the summer brings tears to your eyes, literally.”

McCrary appeared on a 2011 episode of A&E’s Hoarders. If he can clear out the apartment by Friday, he will receive a bonus payment of $12,000 from his landlords.