Hmph! I’m Taking My Ball (Design) and Going Home!


This has been floating around a little, so we though, just in case it hadn’t come your way, we’d talk it up a bit and pass it along. It’s an interview with uber famous designer Erik Spiekermann (we can use “uber” correctly this time because he’s German — though we suppose we should also learn the German word for “famous” if you’re going to get all technical about it). In the interview, which was conducted by Deutsche Welle, he goes off on how awful the design work is for this year’s World Cup, from the logo down to Goleo, the poor failed mascot lion-thing. He’s a little sympathetic to the people who put it together, realizing that they were probably being yelled at from a million different groups, each wanting “more zip!” but at times, he also comes across as a little much. And we’re pretty sure that’s been the consensus that we’ve been keyed into. But read for yourself and see what you think. Here’s some:

When I first saw both the lion and the logo, the whole design concept for the World Cup in Germany, I thought oh my God, those poor designers. I’ve been there, dealt with these kinds of clients. I actually have met some of the designers who perpetrated this design and know that they were at a disadvantage from the outset. Everybody wants to own a design for an event as big as this, from the CEO to his wife to a whole chain of people going down. And there are way too many committees and meetings where changes are required by people who don’t know what they’re doing. In the end, after all the input, the common denominator in this case turned out to be very, very low. I wouldn’t employ any of the guys behind this design.