Hmmm… What Is Graffiti And If We Make Panelists Talk About It, Does It Mean Something Different?

We’re trying, kids, trying so hard to get out of our three-block radius (mostly to get to some sort of legitimate power source), but it’s tough, living in New York, rarely leaving our bare apartment. But wait, it’s not over. California-dwellers, there’s an event in your neighborhood. Soma, the same guys who did the party with the hotel with the rooms and the paint and the art and the stuff, are having another event tonight, but this one seems ever-so-serious in contrast to the fluff of the last. It’s about graffiti. The question: “Urban Scrawl or Artistic Freedom?”

We’d guess it kind of depends on the graffiti itself. Ours would probably be urban scrawl. But our friend’s would probably be artistic freedom. Still, we like the idea of grand definitiveness.

Speakers include street artist Apex, SF Graffiti Advisory Board Chair Mohammed Nuru, and Deputy City Attorney Machaela M. Hoctor. That is a real name. Tonight, 6:30, Commonwealth Club, 595 Market Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, California, USA, The World, The Galaxy, The Universe. For reservations call 415.597.6705