HLN to Highlight Moms at Party Conventions

Get ready mommy bloggers (gag!). For both Party conventions HLN, in partnership with CafeMom, will be looking at the “mom” angle of the election.

Anchor Kyra Phillips is set to host panels at the conventions of mom delegates to hear their opinions on gun control, rising tuition costs and maternity leave among other things their husbands never wanted to hear them talk about.

Selected topics come from a survey CafeMom conducted in late 2011 on the issues most important to American mothers. Among the survey’s findings:

  • Seventy-one percent said they’re more concerned with the “short-term” problems the country is facing.
  • Most (55 percent) said they want candidates to focus on “improving the financial situation of their families” rather than a “wider range of issues affecting the world.”
  • Sixty-nine percent support raising taxes on millionaires as a means to reduce the deficit; 65 percent oppose raising taxes on all Americans.

CafeMom’s election correspondent Lindsay Ferrier will be hustling around the country reporting from battleground states on moms and their thoughts about the election.

Let’s just hope someone is listening.