Hitwise: Facebook Dip in UK Not Just a Blip

Citing more rumors of possible ‘Facebook Fatigue‘, MediaPost reports that the social networking site’s share of Web traffic fell 27% last week from its peak during the holiday season, according to Hitwise:


“With a large portion of traffic still coming from college-age users (40% between 18 and 24), Hitwise says the drop could be tied to school-year schedules. But it also suggests the decline could reflect growing disenchantment with a torrent of friend and application invites on Facebook.”

The rumors are really flying due to all the recent publicity about how Facebook is now making it easier for users to delete their profiles. The Hitwise data also follows comScore’s January report showing a slight dip in Facebook’s traffic. However, don’t count out the site yet—all of this could merely be a post-holiday lull as Hitwise said above.

Facebook is one of the pioneers on the mobile side, offering a useful WAP page, an iPhone-specific Facebook page, and a stellar application for BlackBerrys that this author reviewed for PC Magazine.