Hitwise Confirms a Coalition of the Willing

Yesterday, I was giving OpenSocial a hard time. I even referenced one of my sources who called the new OpenSocial partners a “coalition of the willing.” Later in the day, Hitwise went and produced statistics comparing Facebook to the combination of OpenSocial partners in terms of their U.S. traffic. A quick look at the graph below confirms that Facebook indeed dwarfs all of the partners. If MySpace was included in the chart I am confident that you would see a similar dwarfing of the OpenSocial alliance.

These statistics skew the global picture though. On a global scale, I would guess that an aggregate of the OpenSocial partners is comparable to Facebook in traffic. Additionally, the OpenSocial movement is a pretty revolutionary one. Never before (as far as I know) has such a disperse group of organizations teamed up to adopt a single standard. Additionally, this standard is well designed given that Google architects are the masterminds behind it.

A quick look at the OpenSocial screenshots confirms that OpenSocial is indeed a powerful standard. Rapid integration into a diverse set of social networks is powerful in theory. The primary problem is that the largest social networks are not adopting these standards. If the OpenSocial partners can increase their rate of expansion beyond Facebook and MySpace, they may actually have a shot. Until then, the OpenSocial partners may remain a coalition of the willing.