Hits Hold Steady on This Week’s List of the Facebook Games with the Most New Daily Active Users

AppData.com - Facebook Application MetricsIt’s more of the same applications, for the most part, on our AppData list of the 20 social games that gained the most daily active users in the past week.

In the top place, Zynga held on to its lead with FarmVille growing at only six percent this week. However, that 6 percent increase is still 1.8 million people, a gain larger than six of the top 20 apps’ entire daily user bases.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon FarmVille28,407,350+1,818,215+6.40
2.icon Birthday Cards2,995,309+1,769,703+59.08
3.icon Happy Pets2,591,872+685,694+26.46
4.icon Pet Society5,094,052+369,350+7.25
5.icon FishVille7,170,123+363,752+5.07
6.icon Fish Isle834,294+356,148+42.69
7.icon Mafia Wars7,021,764+338,498+4.82
8.icon Texas HoldEm Poker4,727,388+334,836+7.08
9.icon YoVille3,233,857+219,647+6.79
10.icon Is Cool by cafe.com663,493+199,009+29.99
11.icon Zoo World714,341+168,726+23.62
12.icon MindJolt Games2,027,578+167,233+8.25
13.icon Café World10,334,369+165,903+1.61
14.icon Treasure Madness705,994+153,878+21.80
15.icon Country Life1,132,638+137,265+12.12
16.icon Santa Yourself145,149+130,575+89.96
17.icon Crazy Planets385,163+124,371+32.29
18.icon Happy Aquarium7,976,955+123,832+1.55
19.icon Restaurant City4,680,805+119,573+2.55
20.icon Farm Town5,069,861+89,223+1.76

Meanwhile, games with no rule set, competition or end goal like Birthday Cards and Santa Yourself pushed the boundaries of the genre (even by social gaming standards).

As such, Birthday Cards by RockYou!, second on the list, was able to expand its daily user base by 59 percent this week or a gain of 1.8 million average daily users. No stranger to the top ten in its first year-and-a-quarter on the market, the title still saw a one day surge of nearly a million people using the app, growing from nearly 2 million on December 8 to nearly 3 million users yesterday. That towers above its last month daily user average of about a million.

On the other side of the top 20, Christmas helped push the photo-manipulating app Santa Yourself by Viral to the 16th spot with an 90 percent increase and a 145,000 people using the novelty app each day. Also note, despite a decent showing of Christmas-themed apps overall on Facebook, Santa Yourself is the only holiday themed app in the gaming top 20 and doesn’t have any visible competition to that title on the horizon.

Competition in the fish-genre got a little more interesting however, with 6th place’s Fishville getting more competition out of newcomer Fish Isle by IGG Inc (#7) — although the comparison is a stretch because Fish Isle is more of a farming game, rather than a virtual aquarium game. Both were released on Facebook in November, but Fish Isle saw the larger increase in daily average users this week with 42 percent. However, while Isle’s 834,000 daily active users is respectable, it’s still far behind Fishville’s new dominance of the genre with 7.1 million.

Fish Isle
To point, five of the top ten are made by Zanga (Farmville, Yoville, Fishville, Mafia Wars and Texas HoldEm Poker) and two were by RockYou! (Birthday Cards and RockYou!). That just leaves Happy Pets by Crowdstar at third. Pet Society by Playfish at fifth. And Fish Isle by IGG Inc at seventh.

And count on some black horse-type holiday game generating attention in the coming weeks as well before dropping off after the holidays.