Hitpost Provides Sports-Based Social Media

If you are a sports fan and like pictures, I suggest that you check out hitpost.com as well as their Android app. When you go to the web site or open the Android app, the pictures of various sporting events are front and center. Each of the pictures relates to eithe a news article, tweet, or comment about a team or sporting event.

When you first run the Hitpost app on an Android smartphone, it asks to connect to Facebook or Google, which it uses for authentication. You are then given the option to select your favorite professional baseball, football, basketball, or hockey teams as well as your favorite NCAA football and basketball teams. A list is compiled for each of those teams that shows the last score of that team, along with a picture, as you see in the screenshot.

Tap the team name or photo in the home screen list to see a feed of the latest articles and tweets about that team. Tweets are either associated team hash takes, like #Cubs, or are from members of the team. For the most part you only see a sentence or two of an article, with a Read More link to open the article in the web browser.

You have the option to vote up articles, which ranks the article in the teams’s feed, with higher ranked articles appear at the top of the feed. If you like, you can also write a comment about the article and you can share a link to the article with Facebook or Twitter by using the Android Share feature.

A team’s feed may also include posts from other Hitpost members, and which you can tell because their userid is a the beginning of item. If you tap on the member name you will see of their posts and you have the option to follow them.

As a sports fan, I find Hitpost to be a very appealing app, and I’ll be keeping it on my Nexus S.