Hitcents brings Battlepillars to iOS and Android this month

Image via Hitcents

Draw a Stickman: Epic developer Hitcents has announced plans to bring its latest mobile game, Battlepillars, to iOS and Android this month. Battlepillars will challenge players to control a team of armed caterpillars as they battle against enemy critters in a real-time strategy layout with a side-scrolling presentation.

Battlepillars is level-based, containing over 50 levels at launch across five themed worlds (a garden, jungle, graveyard and more). Each caterpillar can be equipped with a variety of tools and weapons, including flamethrowers, mines, grenades, machine guns and more. As players make progress, they’ll collect apples that can be used to upgrade units and create stronger forces. These upgrades are called segments, which see players upgrading individual segments or “nodes” on a caterpillar’s body.

The game’s campaign mode sees players working their way through each level, moving from left to right across the screen with their caterpillars until they conquer the enemy’s bases, whose units are moving from right to left. Meanwhile, multiplayer mode allows users to challenge their friends online. Two other modes, Test Zone and Endless, will allow players to test their new weapons and strategies either on a testing ground, or in a never-ending arcade mode, respectively.

Image via Hitcents

“With Battlepillars, we are raising the standards for real-time strategy games on iOS with a focus on the ‘free-to-win’ philosophy. We took into consideration unfair advantage and created an experience all players can enjoy by removing the need of spending to succeed,” said Clinton Mills, CEO of Hitcents, in a company statement. “No other game on the market combines fast paced real-time strategy and multiplayer in a way that appeals to both casual and serious gamers.”

Battlepillars will come to iOS and Android on October 3. Starting October 11, players can enter the “Battlepillars Hardcore High Score Challenge” for a chance to win up to $5,000. The contest will be open to players who have completed the Campaign mode and unlocked the Endless mode. The players who earn the highest scores in this mode will be eligible to win cash prizes once the contest ends on October 31.

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