Hit the Refresh Button with Five Tips and Tools to Stay Cool

“Baked in” is a popular media technology phrase, but with the latest heat wave, humans are the ones baking. This week it’s high time to share a few pointers for shaking off the extreme heat. The items here involve travel, cocktails, apps, celebrities and sandals, but for a change of pace, no celebrity scandals.

1.Visit the minus5° Ice Bar in New York and Las Vegas: The hotel brand that’s eliminating traditional room service, Hilton, just adopted a more novel option– an icy venue where it’s minus 5 degrees centigrade (or 23 degrees Fahrenheit). While igloo hotels in wintry places have long been popular, selected hotels (New York’s Hilton midtown and Las Vegas’ Monte Carlo and Mandalay Bay casino resorts), adopted the concept for cocktails. At minus5°, sculptures, furniture and glasses are all made of ice. This entertaining retreat charges a cover and lends guests insulated parkas and gloves.

2.Watch a rerun of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – Canada episode: Another place one needs warm clothing is Canada, and that’s where the devil-may-care celebrity chef trekked last winter. He spent time in Montreal, Quebec City and the province of Quebec while visiting with well-known Canadian chefs and restaurant owners. They went ice fishing and dined in an ice shack on a frozen lake. However, if you find the food they’re consuming too hearty, (Bourdain calls the meals a “Franco Canadian full-on assault on the liver”), then take a TV break and enjoy lighter fare. …

3.Try Ben & Jerry’s Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt: The flavor is lemon Greek frozen yogurt with blueberry lavender swirl, or as the website calls it, lemon-y-blueberry-y. The print ad announcing the new product shows an image of a figure based on Tina Fey’s 30 Rock character attempting to skate with a giant lemon on Rockefeller Center’s lemon-framed ice rink. Ben & Jerry’s dedicated the product in honor of Tina Fey’s longtime support of Jumpstart, an early education organization for children in low-income areas.

4.Pre-order Zaha Hadid’s Sleek Footwear: On the other end if the spectrum is a style of futuristic shoes. They’re so unique they’re hard to categorize, with components of both sandals and wedges. Famous architects collaborated on the design for United Nude shoe company using molding technology. The upper part of the shoes is made of metallic chromed vinyl rubber lined with napa leather, while the heel is fiberglass. They stand more than six inches off the ground and come in silver, black or rose gold. While they may not be ideal for summer, they will surely make the wearer look cool in the fall.

5.Check out the Waterkeeper Swim Guide app: In the meantime, since we’re again hearing references to “the year of mobile”, this summer is a good time to become acquainted with useful apps. The Waterkeeper Swim Guide app locates the nearest beaches and provide all the pertinent information, such as swim conditions and water quality. If you work at Yahoo or another company that requires an on-site presence, you may need to wait until the weekend. But with east coast temperatures expected to remain in the 90s for the next few days, you may be better off inside with the a/c on anyway.