History Will Not Judge Social Media.

Like many of you I have been amazed by the news I read today of historians being able to reproduce a sound captured on paper from 1860. The play back was digitally made from sound waves that were etched onto paper reals using an analog recorder.

I downloaded the MP3 and listened to the grainy sound from over a 140 years ago. I was floored. The thought of hearing a voice from so long ago made my brain begin to swim with ideas about what legacy we will leave. I must admit the outcome looks grim.

Sure the technology used to capture sound waves was primitive, but the analog cylinders have an advantage to all our digital technology; they are visceral and lasting. Think about every time your grandmother shared letters written by your grandfather or showed you an old grainy photograph; will you be able to do the same?

Heck, even old analog radio and T.V. broadcasts are still bouncing around in space. What of all our tweets? What of all our blogs and messages posted on forums? Unlike more primitive forms of communications all our new social media tools all depend on someone else to host them.

What of all your great ideas you have have shared on twitter, in a flick of a switch they are gone. All your Facebook applications will not work when Facebook shuts down. All your debates on political message boards, gone when they switch to a new server.

In 200 years no one will resurrect Myspace to see what all the hoopla was about. All of your comments and will be lost to the ages. All of your toils and all of your ideas will have no way of enlightening future generations.

All of this is just something to remember when while you are blogging or posting on a message board somewhere. All I am suggesting is that you keep journal somewhere or maybe just print your blog posts and put them in a box somewhere.

Am I wrong to questions the ultimate finality of social media tools and the digital world? Do you think the world will find a way to preserve all our efforts? If so let me know how you think they will do it. I would hate to see all these ideas and dialogs be lost forever.