WATCH: A Brief History Of Google – From Search To Wave

Check out the entire history of Google, animated scrapbook-style in this fun 2-minute animation.

With all the different Google tools we use on a daily basis, from Gmail to Google Wave, Google Earth, GTalk, Chrome and more, it can feel like Google has been around forever. It’s hard to believe that the idea for Google was only conceived in 1995, that the Google homepage only hit the web in 1998, and that Gmail only went live in 2004, with 1GB of storage. This morning our editor Neil Vidyarthi shared a fun scrapbook animation with me that tells Google’s story in a fun 2-minute animation.
The Google Story was uploaded to YouTube by GoogleChannelUK back in 2009, but as we haven’t seen it before and we figured that many of our readers probably haven’t seen it either, we decided it was worth a share. The video shows Google’s entire history (well, their history up until 2009), starting from an idea and moving through their rise to the top of search, their logo re-design, the launch of AdWords, their first April Fool’s MentalPlex, Gmail, Google Maps, iGoogle homepages, YouTube, Google Docs, Android, Street View, Chrome, Wave and more. The way that it’s all animated into a scrapbook makes it totally fun and worthwhile to watch.
Check out the video below and let us know what you think! Google has grown pretty fast over the years, eh? What do you think they’ve got in store for the future?