Hispanics Love Social Media (And They’re More Careful About Online Privacy) [STUDY]

A new study has suggested that while Hispanic users are more likely to be active on most of the major social networking sites than the greater population, they’re also more careful about their online privacy.

uSamp surveyed 650 adult Hispanics about their social media habits and found that they outscored the general populace in how many of them were using Facebook, YouTube and even Google+. Hispanic users were approximately on par with other users for Twitter, with LinkedIn the only social network were they were noticeably underrepresented.

Some 90 percent of the Hispanics polled in the survey used Facebook, compared to 81 percent of the general population, leading YouTube (57 percent vs 46 percent) and Google+ (an eyebrow-raising 47 percent vs 18 percent).

Hispanic users on Twitter fell slightly short of others (31 percent vs 33 percent), and only five percent used LinkedIn (against 21 percent of the overall population). Historically, Twitter has represented well with minorities so this data is interesting in that it may reflect a potential shift, certainly with this demographic.

The study also revealed that Hispanics are less likely to share information in a social media setting than other users.

uSamp have created this infographic to illustrate their findings.

(Source: uSamp. Bird image via Shutterstock.)