Hispanicize 2012 Kicks Off

Hispanicize 2012 is getting started today in Miami with sessions like “Blogging 101 (en español)” and “Is Your Brand Ready to Engage Latinos Online?” on tap. Besides all the social media business talk, there are also a few fun happenings, like the closing night screening of Scarface on Friday. The screening is part of the National Latino Film Showcase that Hispanicize introduced this year.

Influenced by SXSW, Manny Ruiz, the chairman of the event along with the co-founder of Latina Mom Bloggers and Hispanic PR Blog, told NBCLatino that there are three times the number of brands involved this year versus last year. And the event is attracting a who’s who of influential Latinos in the social media space.

“We plan to kick this event to another level and make it a place to catapult careers,” said Ruiz. NBCLatino is a sponsor of the event.

There’s also news coming out of Hispanicize 2012: Critical Mention has announced that it has added a number of new Spanish-language stations to its platform.

Critical Mention will now monitor media outlets in the top 50 U.S. Hispanic markets. According to the announcement, Pew Research numbers show that the U.S. Hispanic population (which now totals more than 50 million) is expanding into areas outside of the usual states like Arizona, New York, Florida, and Texas. To reach this important demographic, the company is expanding its services to include places like Raleigh-Durham, N.C., Seattle, and Philadelphia.

“TV consumption among Hispanic consumers is sharply higher than the general population and, unlike English-language TV, audiences are still growing,” Critical Mention’s president Dave Armon said in a release statement.

Critical Mention is also a sponsor of Hispanicize 2012.