Hispanic Journalist Has Weird Idea


In an essay for Fusion, Jorge Ramos—host of Fusion’s America with Jorge Ramos and Univision’s Noticiero Univision and Al Punto—argued that a Hispanic journalist should moderate one of the presidential debates. Weird, right? Maybe even racist??? Like, what about white males? Someone call Fox News.

Ramos, himself beyond qualified to host a debate, pointed out the ridiculousness of excluding a Hispanic moderator.

“Hispanics are the fastest-growing electoral group in the United States — a bloc of about 27 million eligible voters,” wrote Ramos. “Their support is crucial in swing states like Colorado, Nevada and Florida, so I’m not exaggerating when I say that no candidate can take the White House without Hispanics’ support. Yet a Hispanic journalist has never moderated one of the presidential debates. Why?”

Ramos, of course, already knew the answer to his question.

“I get the sense that both major candidates are afraid of just what they might be asked,” continued Ramos. “These Hispanic journalists, and many more, are part of a community seldom discussed beyond the single focus on immigration. Their questions could prove quite unconventional.”