Hiring Managers Explain: Where’d My Resume Go? [Google+ Hangout]

Posting a job online can fill a hiring manager’s inbox faster than a coupon can fill a shopping mall on Black Friday. In our Google+ hangout, a panel of hiring managers explains what happens to your resume after you click “send” and how to make sure that yours stands out among the rest.

Panelists included Kathryn Van Arsdale, HR generalist at Weight Watchers; David Gaspin, head of talent acquisition at TheLadders.com; and Antonio Neves, founder at professional training company THINQACTION, Inc. Mediabistro’s Greg Horowitz, director of product development; and Ji Hyun Park, editorial assistant and social media coordinator, moderated the panel, fielding questions from audience members on Twitter.

Gaspin, whose career site focuses on high-income jobs, said that hiring managers spend about 6.5 seconds with a resume before deciding whether or not to take the next step. Candidates should fill out their resumes with accurate and relevant information so that they don’t get filtered out of the system before he has a chance to read them.

Some candidates have tried to game the system by copying and pasting entire job descriptions into their resume to come up higher in the keyword search results, said Gaspin.  Make sure your resume makes sense, both to the computer and to the hiring manager.

If your resume doesn’t get a response right away, a personal note might help. Van Arsdale once hired a woman who cold-contacted her on LinkedIn just two weeks before Weight Watchers posted a job. She stressed the importance of the cover letter in making a good first impression.

“Be really clear on your story,” added Neves, who helps young professionals navigate those first few career steps out of college. But leave the padding out of your resume. If you’re fresh out of college and don’t have much experience, your resume should be short and to the point.

Watch the video above to get more tips. Most of the panelists are currently hiring, so check out their job listings on the mediabistro job board.

Image by Cartoonresource via Shutterstock.