Hiring In Unusual Places

Zach Canfield’s Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ new director of talent, and he’s on the prowl for great candidates. Is he looking at the thousands of resumes that (likely) cross his desk? Is he trawling LinkedIn and Facebook for promising young upstarts?

Yeah, but he’s also hiring in nightclubs.


“One of my favorite new creatives here, John Kovacevich, I found when he was performing at an improv show. I remember he was really well-spoken, he was great with the crowd, it was really clear to me that he’d be a great copywriter, and I knew if you put him in a room with clients they’d love him. So, I got his e-mail address,” Canfield tells AdAge.

Who says those soft skills aren’t worth anything?

Oh, and Goodby’s hiring for at least one position…