Hiring For A Fast Growing Company (Hiring For The Future)

Startup? Quickly-growing department? Looking for skills that didn’t exist five years ago?

To get employees, you’ll need to bust out your crystal ball, ERE reports.

When talking with candidates, tell them what the job is today, how you expect it will change over time, and that you are looking to fill the job as it will likely exist in the future, not as it exists today. This way, you are being honest.

This kind of job ambiguity isn’t for everyone, but if you consider alignment and transformability as you start the hiring process, you are being honest with both yourself and with your future employee. The probability that you will hire and retain the right person increases significantly.

So you’re looking not just for someone who is a good cultural fit and passionate about the work, but someone who’s comfortable with ambiguity, is generally intelligent/able to pick things up quickly, and excited by the idea of growing with the company.

Of course, this can backfire if you tell someone “This job is for X, but you’ll probably be doing Y by the end of the year” and then they aren’t because your growth stalls. Watch out for that, but do keep the future in mind.