Hiring a DJ? StereoPill Lets Your Guests Choose Their Favorite Tunes Beforehand

Have you ever been to a Wedding where for some reason the DJ’s playlist is stuck on country or one-hit-wonder mania?  This happened to the founder of StereoPill, and he created the service to solve the problem.  He found that sometimes the tastes of a DJ’s client — for instance, the bride and groom — are not the same as the guests at the party.  So he decided to give people a page where they can request songs before they attend a party.  Simple idea — necessary service.

You simply set up the event, and then send it to all your friends.  It’s free to sign up and post your event, but costs money for future events.  See the event creation page below, and note that it ties to Facebook and allows you to put the details of the event.

Then, after the event is created, we can see that there’s a fantastic interface page where you get to vote on your favorite songs and comment on them as well.  It’s a pretty cool page and I could definitely imagine this being a pretty fun thing to do before a wedding!


I enjoyed the last sentence of their home page description, as well, and felt it was truly apt.

“StereoPill results will be significantly more effective if interpreted by a competent DJ (not an iPod, or non-competant DJ).”

A good DJ knows what to play, and when, but giving him a list of the crowd’s favorite tunes can never hurt.  And remember, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey will probably top every list.

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