Hip4Kids Battles Childhood Obesity And Teaches Kids How To Make Healthy Choices

Childhood obesity – and obesity in general – is a huge problem in the U.S. There are many reasons for this epidemic, one being the fact that parents just don’t know how to cook healthy meals.

Hip4Kids wants to change that – because isn’t nutritional literacy just as important as learning to read, really?

As we’re all painfully aware, every fast food purchase seems to be moving us closer and closer to a WallE-esque reality (ignore the technology component in this clip for a moment – too much reality at once can be dangerous):

But what can we do? We’re all so busy!

One man has decided to teach us to cook healthy – well, to teach our children how to cook healthy at least (it’s too late for you). And he’s been doing this for twelve years now (so it’s really time to listen).

Hip4Kids (@cdhipster on Twitter) was founded by Chris Daly, an executive chef educated at the Culinary Institute of America Located just north of New York City in Hyde Park.

Daly tells us he started Hip4Kids after noticing that “people in most places where I was travelling people seemed to be very unhealthy, especially children who seemed to be hooked on fast food and the cheap food model.”

My first idea was to reach out to Moms, I then reasoned that to take the knowledge to kids was the best way to go, Hip4Kids pretty much pioneered the fight against childhood obesity here in NYC – at least that I know of.

And as a result, Hospitality Industry Professionals for Kids (Hip4Kids) has educated approximately 200,000 children and parents over the past 11 years. Daly tells us that a big part of the program’s success is their free online curriculum, which has been used by Healthy Steps to Albany and teachers from as far away as Guam and Hawaii.

And you know who else has expressed interest? First lady, Michelle Obama. Yup. Here’s their report for the White House.

So how can you get involved/help? Well, they’re currently trying to raise funds for Project Apple – a multimedia publishing project that would be a “How to Guide” for their after school for credit classes, so that any teacher in the country could replicate their programs.

All schools should contact us and attempt to deploy the program in cooperation, if they follow our model which would create for credit classes for ESL and CFES or very simply any students they are not only keeping kids safe after school but giving them a chance to increase their grade point averages, the cost to drive the program would be about $1.75 per child per class, there are currently 16 million young adults who have NOTHING after school at this time,prime time for unhealthy behaviors to take root. We have driven programming with tools we have developed for as little as $1.63 per pupil , the key is to know how to deploy the program, we believe we have developed some of the best tools available.

See for yourself!

(Person making food choice image from Shutterstock)

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