Hip Mags, Lip Gloss At LA’s Paper Project


Let us get this straight: It takes a group of New Yorkers to organize a long-overdue panel of hip LA magazine editors? Besides the slap in the face from our cold weather brethren, the PAPER Project LA’s first Hollywood stop gathered a great group of designers, artist and people trying hard to dress like New Yorkers would expect people from Los Angeles to dress. It was especially fun to see PAPER founders David Hershkovits, Kim Hastreiter and Mickey Boardman buzzing about like proud parents.

PAPER senior editor Carlo McCormick donned a Warriors baseball cap over his long white ponytail to moderate the panel, which included the chisled jaw of Shepard Fairey, Tracy Forman-Snyder of Arkitip (the phonetic spelling of “archetype,” and should be pronounced as such), Giant Robot‘s Eric Nakamura (who had a busy weekend; he was also a judge at Cut&Paste LA on Saturday), Amir H. Fallah of Beautiful/Decay, and Brendan Fowler from ANP, who stole the show.


The discussion itself wasn’t as groundbreaking as it deserved to be, covering hot issues of limited-edition collectibility and fetishizing of design only topically, while spending ages defining each magazine (art? design? lifestyle?), how starting a magazine is financially stupid, and why they’re different from NY art mags–the short answer to all being “Who cares? Just show us what’s cool!”

Afterwards, the temporary space shifted to party-mode with a line to get in that wrapped around the block. We mostly hung with the beauties from the Beautiful/Decay crew–the Uncommon Jessica Lopez, Andrea Regan, Christa DeFillipo, Kristi Gushiken and Fallah, who couldn’t believe his insurance guy was there. A guy swabbed our faces with MAC makeup while a film starring mop-headed girls lip synching “It’s a Hard Knock Life” blasted in the background, then we ordered more Lip Glass and sticky suckers from the back of a Marimekko-uphostered ice cream truck.


Our final stop of the night was a real treat–the premiere of Lies & Alibis, directed by two Imaginary Forces alumni: Matt Checkowski and Kurt Mattila (we previously raved about their “Monday Night Football”-ness). Besides the great performances and gorgeous shots of LA, it’s funny what a little design sensibility can do for a movie; it’s not often you see something so visually smart. Oh yeah, and we ran into Rob Lowe outside. Thanks to PAPER, we could wink with sparkly-pink confidence.