Hinted Launches ‘People Analytics’ App for Rating Peers

The Hinted app allows users to semi-anonymously rate the personality traits and characteristics of their peers.

Hinted Labs has announced the official launch of Hinted, its free iOS app which allows small teams or individuals to provide semi-anonymous feedback about their peers. The app creates a profile for each user, which managers can use to make team decisions, or which can help an individual employee discover some areas in their lives which may need improvement.

The Hinted app begins with a self-assessment, asking users to rate themselves by swiping their avatar to the traits which most represent them. Traits are presented in pairs, so users choose the one trait in each pair that’s the best fit.


After users create an account, they can create separate teams and networks of connections within the app. In Hinted, a team is a group of individuals that all know one another. As examples, this could be a group of coworkers in the same department, or a group of classmates working on the same project. Meanwhile, the network is a group of people who all know the original user, but are not required to know each other. Users add individuals to their networks and teams through email invites.

As the teams and networks grow, users can rate each member of these groups in the same way they’d rate themselves, by swiping each contact’s avatar to the appropriate trait in each pair. Users can also complete additional self-assessment exercises.

As users receive ratings from others, their profile will display the traits their contacts have said most and least describe them, which should help users learn their own strengths and weaknesses. In order to view their feedback, however, users need to have three or more users in their group.

Tapping on each trait provides a short description of the characteristic, and offers additional descriptors which may be appropriate for users with too much or too little of the trait. For instance, a person that’s too ‘results oriented’ may be perceived as ‘ruthless’ or ‘unadaptable’ by their peers. Feedback from other users can be compared to the traits users have highlighted in their own self-assessments.

Elsewhere, a separate chat feature allows users to anonymously communicate with their connections to ask for specific feedback, or offer advice.

In a statement, Randy Sternke, co-founder of Hinted Labs, commented:

Our company is forever linked to unbiased feedback. We’ve figured out a way to make the exchange of feedback quick, painless, and actionable.

Hinted is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app is coming soon to Android.

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.