Hindsight Less Useful When it Just Confirms What We Already Knew

scott-point.jpgThis is the sort of over-sharing that might have come in handy say four years ago when the country was deciding whether or not to re-elect George W. Bush. Regardless, the blogosphere, and just about everyone else for that matter, is lit up over the revelations of former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, whose new memoir What Happened about his years in the West Wing, confirms what many “left-wing” bloggers (which, would currently include McClellan himself, according to Karl Rove) and a few right-wing-ish ones, too, not to mention much of the country, have been suspecting for quite some time: we were deceived! About Iraq, about Valerie Plame, the list goes on. Though, possibly not by the President himself, according to McClellan, who, in this passage anyway, manages to make Bush seem more idiotic than scheming when it came to the Plame debacle:

Neither, I believe, did President Bush…He too had been deceived, and therefore became unwittingly involved in deceiving me. But the top White House officials who knew the truth — including Rove, Libby, and possibly Vice President Cheney — allowed me, even encouraged me, to repeat a lie.

Says the White House: McClellan is “disgruntled.” Says McClellan: Actually, the media is really to blame.
If anything, the national press corps was probably too deferential to the White House and to the administration in regard to the most important decision facing the nation during my years in Washington, the choice over whether to go to war in Iraq.
Greg Mitchell concurs, sort of.

So, why wait till now to spill the beans? Says Patrick Gavin over at our sister blog FishbowlDC (with what has to be the best headline we’ve seen in a long time):

Speaking out against the Bush administration in such harsh tones is simply a smart career move by McClellan. He never became a stand-alone brand.
No time like the present.