Hillman Curtis Affixes His Camera’s Gaze on Pentagram


Sure to be everywhere in T-minus…right now! (which we can already attest to, having seen it on a few of our favorite sites — we found it by way of Chris Glass), is Hillman Curtis‘ new short film Pentagram07. It is, of course, about everyone’s favorite design firm. It’s beautifully shot (we’re thinking on one of these) and if you’re at all interested in how one of the most important companies in this business came to be, nearly half of the film, from the very start, features Paula Scher giving the whole rundown all the way from past to present in a terrific, animated diagramming that starts getting pretty complicated after around 1972. But we waste no more of your time with our babble. Go watch and spend the rest of your day feeling sad that you don’t work there.