Hillary Clinton to [Finally] Do First National TV Interview

Live from Iowa City, CNN's Brianna Keilar interviews the Democratic front-runner.

Hillary Clinton‘s first national TV interview since announcing her presidential run will air this Tuesday at 5 p.m. EDT on CNN. Senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar will interview Clinton in Iowa City, Iowa. Keilar is on her way now to that pivotal caucus state.

In a video announcing the interview, Keilar was joined by chief political analyst Gloria Borger and senior Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny who joked, “given [Clinton’s] preference, she probably would have preferred to go all the way until those Iowa caucuses in February without answering questions or talking to voters.”

It would have been an interesting experiment. The Clinton campaign team’s strategy of keeping reporters at bay this cycle seems to have worked out well so far for the candidate, but the recent swell of external forces on the campaign made avoiding press for the entirety of her run unsustainable. Among the forces Keilar and her colleagues mentioned were the growing popularity of Bernie Sanders and his picture-perfect crowds of supporters, the end of Clinton’s first fundraising push, her need to switch focus to policy positions, and yes, even the effects of the press.

Eventually, all those writers counting the long intervals between her sparse responses to questions or penning in reporters with ropes was going to have an effect, so we’d like to believe.

No word yet on how Keilar was chosen to do Clinton’s first interview, but some outlets speculated that Keilar’s close relationship with the campaign may have something to do with it. She recently attended the wedding of Clinton campaign aide Adam Parkhomenko.