Hillary Clinton Spokesperson Responds to BuzzFeed’s ‘Inane’ Questions with Poop Jokes


Is inane really the right word here?

So have you heard about Hillary Clinton recently? Get used to it.

Today the Most Important Story concerns her official spokesman Philippe Reines‘ decision to take a break from his ongoing “whose name is funniest” feud with RNC chairman Reince Priebus and reaffirm the fact that he does not much care for The Buzz Feed or reporters contained therein!

This little aside came about after everyone on Twitter shared the most important revelation to emerge from Clinton’s recent “I may or may not be running for President” tours: she hasn’t driven a car since 1996.

(This is where you express genuine surprise.)

In what can only be described as a totally appropriate response, BuzzFeed’s Katherine Miller emailed Reines, requesting the answers to 7 other equally unimportant questions about Clinton’s media/consumption habits—and Reines’ reply was dripping with the sort of condescension one would expect from a person who thinks very little of a certain media outlet.

He refused to call BuzzFeed by its proper name, instead referring to the property as “BuLLfeed” and linking to this image each time he typed the word:

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.12.37 AM

Oh ha ha, we get it. He responded to a question about Clinton’s public transportation experience with this shot from a Seinfeld set, circa 1991:


…and to a question about whether she’s ever tried Chipotle with this totally unrelated image of her enjoying a bit of the King’s Tacos (which probably include factory farmed meat).


He even responded to a question about whether Clinton has ever downloaded “an app or song” by linking to the entry site for the Pulitzer Prize in journalism. Don’t laugh; we have a feeling the folks at BF will get there eventually (though certainly not on the strength of this story).

So the whole thing wasn’t quite as eye-roll-worthy as the 2012 incident in which Reines told Michael Hastings to “f**k off” and “have a good life”; he probably won’t even have to apologize this time because his implications were 100% correct. Hell, we’re starting to like the guy thanks to his memes and hyperlinks and his barely-veiled disdain.

Is he a secret blogger?