Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s 5 Buzziest Tweets of the Election

Twitter battle royale brought some stinging barbs

Twitter has been front and center during this year's election season, and the Twitter-happy GOP nominee Donald Trump has had much to do with that. But his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton has had noteworthy success on the microblogging platform as well—in fact, her buzziest barbs have, at times, outperformed Trump's when it came to retweets and likes. 

Simply Measured dug up each candidate's 5 top tweets when it comes to engagement (retweets and likes). Check them out below in descending order, with the best saved for last. Clinton had the tweet with the greatest engagement, so we'll start with her.


5. Debate rallying cry

4. The banter didn't stop at the dais

3. The big reveal

2. Fact-checking

1. Social gut punch


5. From the GOP convention halls

4. Reacting to the hot mic video scandal

3. The taco bowl tweet

2. Defending his wife against accusations of convention-speech plagiarism

1. Jabbing back at Clinton's best shot of the season