Hill Urinal Explodes, Story Whizzes Around Web

A urinal in the House press gallery on Capitol Hill exploded on Monday, causing reporters’ workspace to flood with glorious urinal water.

The story reported by NJ was so ripe for mocking that it was picked up by Gizmodo, Comedy Central’s IndecisionForever.com and Wonkette.

“House of Representatives’ Urinal Explosion Drenches the Press,” Gizmodo headlined the story, writing “This sounds exactly how I imagine things are in that building every day: lots of liquid, overflowing, wet press, vacuum sucking and sticky floors.”

Comedy Central went with, “Exploding Congressional Urinal Drenches Press Corps in Metaphor” and suggested the event was a publicity stunt to promote the upcoming HBO drama The Newsroom.

The best write up came from Wonkette (“House Urinal Explodes: All House Reporters Soaked In Piss, Hopefully”) which fantasized that the water from the urinal contained “perhaps that morning turd that some schlub keeps poppin’…” Filthy and raw, just like the story itself.

The Atlantic also gave a whack at it, though we have to say, somewhat unsuccessfully.

“Throw in the detail that newspapers were used to sop up the mess, and the jokes almost write themselves. Ready? Auto-joke go! Is Congress peeing on the lamestream media? Are we soaking the press? Is our underfunded national infrastructure bursting like a rusty pipe? Is there a war on men? Is the fact that employees rushed to fix the problem a sign of bipartisan progress? Are you having fun yet?”

Which one of those is a joke? We know The Atlantic can’t go R-rated like Wonkette, but come on. “D.C. press corps. finds itself in Congressional excrement.” That’s a joke. It’s even family friendly for The Atlantic.