Hill Reporters Pressure For More Access

In an e-mail to the 2,600 members of the Congressional Radio/TV Correspondents’ Association last week, Fox’s Brian Wilson, the group’s chair, explained that the Senate leadership had denied requests for the right to set up stake-out cameras anytime they want in the Ohio Clock corridor outside the chamber.

As Wilson says, “TV cameras are only allowed there with the advance permission of Senate leadership. Any time news happens that they do not want covered, Senate leaders deny our request for a stakeout. This is news management pure and simple.”

“At a time when Congress is widely accused of conducting too much of its business in secret, this would have been a wonderful opportunity to seem more transparent. Instead, Senate leaders demonstrated they care more about protecting the status quo than the First Amendment,” he says.

Now Wilson thinks that pressure from other Hill reporters will help reverse the decision. Get your Blackberry thumbs ready and send those emails!

TVNewser has the full memo and the email addresses.