Hill Goes Four Days

Today marked The Hill’s first Friday issue, which marks their entry into the four-times-a-week publishing schedule. They write in their front page note:


    Welcome to the first Friday issue of The Hill.

    With The Hill having evolved from a weekly paper into a daily when Congress is in session, the decision to publish on Fridays was an easy one when the new Democratic majority extended Capitol Hill’s working week.

    This is the only congressional paper committed to being with you whenever you’re at work in Congress — the only one that publishes every morning lawmakers are in town.

    Readers will notice several changes that coincide with our four-day publishing schedule.

    Our star columnists, Josh Marshall (on the left) and Byron York (on the right), have moved from their Thursday slot and will now occupy prime Friday real estate on our main op-ed page. We have also added an extra Comment page (P16) today to bring readers the best posts from our Congress Blog and Pundits Blog.

    Capital Living Weekend, with its focus on food, drink and entertainment has moved to Friday. The Executive will run Fridays when members of Congress are here and beginning today includes a new feature called Oversight, which is a checklist of lawmakers’ efforts to scrutinize the administration.

    The Business & Lobbying section, which has made The Hill the business newspaper for Congress, will run uninterrupted from Tuesday through Thursday.