Child Reporter’s Exploits Resonate With Pair of Female Journalists

An excellent take in Gannett's Cherry Hills Courier Post.

It was a heck of a week for Hilde Kate Lysiak, the nine-year-old Selinsgrove, Pa., reporter who rocked social media with her defense of an April 2 Orange Street News exclusive about a local murder.

On Thursday, she dropped by Good Morning America (with mom) and visited The New York Times newsroom. Friday, the paper returned the favor by writing about her exploits.

Then there’s this weekend’s take from New Jersey newspaper reporter Phaedra Trethan. In the Cherry Hills Courier Post, she starts off by explaining that as a nine-year-old in 1980, she read books that were too mature and watched the nightly news with her mom. The piece eventually ropes in a co-worker:

My colleague, Tammy Paolino, grew up with a journalist dad, too. Her father, Charles Paolino, was a reporter for the Perth Amboy Evening News, and later the managing and executive editor at The News Tribune and later the Gannett-owned Home News Tribune.

“Our kitchen and TV room were always filled with books, magazines, newspapers,” she remembered. “My most vivid memories at Hilde’s age are intertwined with Life magazine images of the last days of Vietnam, the unfolding of Watergate, Muhammad Ali, the post-Kennedy days of Jackie O.”

“When my dad would get home each evening, my parents would have tea, booting us out of the kitchen. But we’d be back underfoot, if only to swipe a cookie off the table, and we’d listen as they grappled with the gas crisis, the deaths of favorite Hollywood stars, and the resignation of a president.”

Trethan further contextualizes the uproar in some circles over Lysiak covering a crime scene by relating her efforts to navigate through today’s media world with her daughter, age 6, and the thoughts of Paolino on how to raise two boys “who will share Hilde’s curiosity about life, and her commitment to the facts, the truth, even when those things aren’t pretty.” Well spun.