Hilburn: White Stripes apologist?

Hilburn: White Stripes apologist?

The folks over at losanjealous dissect LAT rock critic Robert Hilburn’s review of the White Stripes show. For instance:

Who else would go through a 90-minute show without even plugging – er, playing – their latest?

You really should drop in more of that ironic voice the kids are using these days with stuff like the self-interrupting “er.”

But singer-guitarist Jack White has never surrendered to rock ‘n’ roll convention. He’s such a spontaneous performer that he probably didn’t even realize when he walked off stage that he hadn’t performed that sing-along single, “My Doorbell.”

I have it on good authority that Jack White has in fact surrendered to rock n’ roll convention. And not just because he dated a movie star, married a model, wears red pants and plays guitar in a rock n’ roll band.

This may have been White’s first L.A. concert since his recent marriage to model Karen Elson, but his heart still belongs to rock ‘n’ roll.

Wait, his “heart still belongs to rock n’ roll” but he “has never surrendered to rock n’ roll convention”? Does not compute.

Okay, look, it’s easy to make fun of Robert Hilburn and of newspaper rock writers in general– who, unlike most other rock critics, are writing for a general audience rather than music obsessives, and who therefore have a tendency to cover played-out bands and trends and thus stumble into cliche. But I, for one, see how one’s heart can still belong to rock’n’roll without one surrendering to rock ‘n’ roll convention. Although like losanjealous, I’m not sure that Jack White qualifies. Ian Mackaye 4eva! Also, for an interesting take on the White Stripes (who are only mentioned in two posts today on this blog by sheer coincidence– as my sister would say, it’s Blog Synchronicity) go here.