Hilary Swank Tells Jay Leno She’s No Longer Clueless About Chechnya

Hilary Swank made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote her movie New Year’s Eve, talk about the eggs she just bought, and tell the world that she now knows she should do her research before going to a suspected human rights violator’s birthday party.

You’ll recall, Swank got into trouble for making an appearance at an event for Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov (Jean Claude Van Damme and Seal a.k.a. Mr. Heidi Klum were also there). The Human Rights Foundation says they tried to warn her. Swank has apologized, donated the money, and has fired a few people over the issue. Her PR firm, 42West dumped her because of it.

Last night, Swank continued to explain, with help from Leno who tossed her a few softballs and made up some excuse about celebrities being dopes and just getting on planes when they’re told to.

Swank says she has since learned that Chechnya is not part of Russia. That’s good and maybe she won’t hang out with dictators anymore. The question is whether this will put the issue to rest, which it probably will (though it will linger in the form of “Remember that time Hilary Swank said Happy Birthday to a baddie?”), but the interview made her look less than smart. The Improper says she hasn’t hired a new PR firm.

Below, we’ve got video of Swank’s appearance on Leno. She talks about the controversy during the first minute and a half. The Improper also has video of Swank’s appearance at the party.

[h/t SheKnows.com]