Hilary Rosen Decides To Stay Home on Sunday Morning

Hilary Rosen, the now familiar SKDKnickerbocker exec who kicked up a hailstorm of crap when she made a comment about Ann Romney never working in her life, has cancelled her scheduled appearance on Meet the Press this Sunday. In a tweet, she writes, “I’m going to be a mom who stays home.” At least she has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Late yesterday, Rosen apologized (mostly) for her comments, but with Dems backing away from the comment, you got the sense that Rosen would have to do more to make amends. The GOP, sensing an opportunity, seized on the comment. See the Colbert clip below for evidence. But with a day to think it over, a few folks on the left are coming around to Rosen’s POV.

TIME has jumped to Rosen’s defense saying that this is all just “a distraction.” Fox’s Greta Van Susteren backed her “friend Hilary” before heading to South Sudan. And Salon, playing the same “outrage” card against Ann Romney’s assertion “I know what it’s like to struggle” says neither woman really needs to apologize for poorly-worded comments and Rosen’s point is valid anyway. Rosen had begun to gain support even as the storm raged on.

There have been comparisons drawn between Rosen’s comment and the Etch A Sketch gaffe from Mitt Romney’s advisor last month. More than anything, both campaigns want to get in good with female voters and they’ll jump on anything that doesn’t further that cause. But the Christian Science Monitor says the response from the President shows what’s important.

“The next time a Democratic pundit blunders on camera – and it will surely happen –everyone will be watching to see whether it merits a presidential response. And yes or no, that will tell us something about Obama’s priorities,” the article says.