Are You Trying Too Hard To Be Hilarious On Twitter?

If you’ve been on Twitter for any length of time, you may have become a bit . . . jaded . . . about the type of tweets that take over one’s Twitter stream on any given day.

So from one jaded tweeter to another: Join me in mocking others (not you, definitely!) with this post.

Sara Lazarovic is a person (whom you can learn more about here) who recently made the following astute observation on Tumblr about Twitter:

Perhaps I’m having a misanthropic week, but lately it feels like Twitter is just full of unfunny people trying too hard to be hilarious.

Does that statement ring true to you? If so, then you’ll love the image that follows.

And if not, you either haven’t been spending enough time on Twitter to see it, or you’re one of the folks it describes – and in a state of desperate, desperate denial.

See, I know it describes me, but I’m okay with it. Gotta love something brutally honest, right?

So ‘fess up: Which one are you? Or which do you see most often on Twitter?

(Segmented egg image from Shutterstock)